Unconventional hydrocarbons in the Euro-Med Region: Hype or Reality

The OME organised at its premises in Paris on 4 May 2016 a workshop to present the global and Euro-Mediterranean developments on unconventional oil and gas; challenges and opportunities for their development; and their wide-ranging impacts in markets and economies. The exploitation of unconventional oil and gas resources has resulted in a sea change in the field of energy and hence it has become one of the most controversial issues on the global energy agenda.

Guest speakers and OME experts contributed to the different sessions and stimulated the group of Delegates participating in the meeting. Toril Bosoni, Senior Analyst at the International Energy Agency, presented the situation and medium-term perspectives of the Agency of the (unconventional) oil market; Jean-Louis Schilansky, Chairman of the Centre on Unconventional Hydrocarbons, stressed on the challenges faced by the shale industry in Europe; Sohbet Karbuz and Bruno Castellano, OME Hydrocarbons Division presented the recent developments in the shale gas industry in the Euro-Mediterranean and challenges to overcome, and Said Nachet, Managing Director of Energy Consulting and Advisory Services, discussed the recent developments in the energy sector and their consequences on (unconventional) oil and gas operators.

Vivid discussions (under the Chatham House Rule) followed each presentation. Positive feedback from the Delegates highlighted the usefulness of the information received/exchanged and encouraged repeating this kind of encounters.

The workshop was organised within the OME ENERMED programme to promote mutual knowledge and information exchange as well as networking between participants from OME Member companies and interested stakeholders.