Mediterranean Energy Perspectives 2022: Defining a common Net-zero carbon Scenario to 2050

On 29 September 2022, the OME organised at its headquarters in Paris, a Mediterranean Energy Scenarios Experts meeting with the ambition of finalizing a most representative and ambitious net-zero energy scenario for the Mediterranean. This net-zero carbon emissions scenario for the Mediterranean, which the OME is developing with the support of the European Commission, ambitions to meet all NDCs and announced net-zero pledges by 2050 and in full for all Mediterranean countries.

This net-zero carbon emissions scenario, included in the next edition of OME’s flagship publication, Mediterranean Energy Perspectives – MEP 2022 is to be released and presented at the COP27 in Egypt, creating a unique channel to reach a global, targeted audience of experts, partners and decision makers from all over the world. It will constitute a useful tool to help disseminate strategic messages on key issues related to the energy industry in the Mediterranean region.