Towards an Interconnected Mediterranean Grid – Institutional Framework and Regulatory Perspectives

OME and MEDGRID are both widely involved in the Electricity sector of the Mediterranean region and share the idea that promoting electricity exchanges across and around the Mediterranean Sea will help to the economic development of the whole area.

The study, they prepared in close cooperation, describes the institutional framework of the Mediterranean electricity sector, and identifies the regulatory perspectives to promote a more interconnected power grid across the region. More precisely, the objective of this work is to present the Euro-Mediterranean electricity context from a regulatory point of view, illustrating what has been done in terms of reforms and policies, and what should be improved for a more efficient development of cross-border infrastructures investments and power exchanges. This study offers a tool to better understand such a complex and articulated background, and presents twelve proposals to move towards an improvement of the cross border exchanges.

This publication has been prepared jointly by OME and MEDGRID under the Memorandum of Understanding they have signed on 18th October 2012 in Istanbul (Turkey). The views, positions and recommendations expressed in the present document are personal to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of OME and MEDGRID members or any of their staff or personnel and do not bind them in any manner. The report is the intellectual property of OME and MEDGRID and the same or any part there of may be used with explicit reference to OME and MEDGRID join.