OMEC’s flagship publication, Mediterranean Energy Perspectives – 2023 edition (MEP 2023) is available for purchase. MEP 2023 assesses the energy outlook for Mediterranean energy markets through 2050.

This publication was prepared by the Organisation Méditerranéenne de l’Energie et du Climat (OMEC). As the Mediterranean authority on energy and climate, with members from 16 countries around the basin, OMEC delivers expert analysis, data, policy advice and proposes solutions to bolster efforts to tackle climate change in the region and accelerate its decarbonisation as well as progress towards a more secure, sustainable and equitable energy future.

Through this edition of MEP, released at COP 28, presenting the recently updated Net Zero Scenario and Reference Scenario to 2050, OMEC details what is needed for governments, companies, investors and Mediterranean citizens to decarbonise their energy sector and put emissions on a path in line with a temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.