OME’s flagship publication, Mediterranean Energy Perspectives – 2022 edition is available for purchase. MEP 2022 is being published at an uncertain moment in Euro-Mediterranean energy and climate history.

As the consequences of recent conflicts reverberate globally on energy and food security with immediate repercussion on the Mediterranean region, energy security and climate change are even more interweaved, pushing energy at the forefront of governments and the industry’s agendas – highlighting the necessity of a concerted and effective response.

In this special COP 27 edition of its Mediterranean Energy Perspectives, OME has developed a net-zero carbon scenario, to address these critical issues, where all Mediterranean countries reach the net-zero carbon emissions target by 2050. This ProMED Scenario, co-funded by the European Commission, looks at how to reach this target and its implications, not only from an energy’s perspective demand, but also from the investments required to fuel it.

Find out how the choices made today will affect energy supply and demand by fuel and by sector, the scale of required investments, and how the Region can move away from unsustainable current trends to achieve carbon neutrality, while enhancing energy security.

This carbon neutral scenario for the Mediterranean region provides an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the most important factors, challenges, and uncertainties which are likely to affect the Mediterranean energy trends over the next 30 years.