On its 30th anniversary, OME presents a special edition of the Mediterranean Energy Perspectives – MEPto2050 (2021 edition).

This edition provides an in-depth analysis and overview of the most important factors and uncertainties likely to affect the Mediterranean energy trends over the next 30 years under three different scenarios, as well as the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on energy transition in the region.

Presenting updated comprehensive scenarios and analysis of the energy sector in the Mediterranean region is paramount to deliver strong messages to a broad global audience and help inflect the future on a virtuous path.

The scenarios range from a baseline scenario, to one where the Paris Agreement is realized in full, and introducing for the first time, a joint scenario, developed together with the Union for the Mediterranean energy platforms, which provides detailed insights on what carbon neutrality could be like by 2050 under the current impetus.

Find out how these varying paths will affect energy supply and demand by fuel and by sector, the scale of investments required, and how the Mediterranean can feasibly achieve carbon neutrality and enhance regional energy security.