OME’s flagship publication, Mediterranean Energy Perspectives – 2018 edition is available for purchase. MEP 2018 is being published at an extreme pivotal and uncertain moment in Mediterranean energy and climate history.

Two major hallmarks of the Mediterranean basin are being threatened: Energy Security and Climate. Energy dependence is expanding drastically, threatening energy security, fuelling political tensions and mayhem throughout the region. The Mediterranean region is expected to experience negative and potentially severe impact as a result of climate change. These challenges represent also huge opportunities for the Mediterranean region which is endowed with a substantial energy efficiency potential and large renewable energy resources among others.

Read all about the increasing energy demand driven by the demographic and socio-economic growths in the region and how it could be fuelled in a sustainable way contributing to an effective and successful energy transition in the region over the next two decades.

MEP 2018 examines fuel sources, from fossil fuels to renewable energy source, and fuel use in the production of electricity, and in all end-use sectors; and it provides scenarios to 2040. This analysis of long-term trends in energy demand and production will prove useful for policymakers and energy policy analysts alike. Understanding the sources and drivers of energy use and corresponding greenhouse gas emissions is essential to their management and to the mitigation of climate change.