Mapping Geopolitical Shifts, Regional Order and Domestic Transformations

The MENARA project will study the geopolitical order in the making in the South and East Mediterranean Countries and the Middle East amid all social and political changes unfolding since 2010. The project aims at describing the main features of the regional geopolitical order, its origins, and evolution; identifying and mapping the decisive domestic, regional and global actors, dynamics and trends; building future scenarios for 2025 and 2040; and informing EU policies and strategies. This will be achieved by analysing relevant national, regional and global factors including demography; energy; economy; environment and by conducting in-depth research on specific case studies on ongoing dynamics at three different levels (domestic, regional and global). Research will be based on quantitative and qualitative methods and innovative foresight techniques.

Research will be accompanied by pioneering dissemination methods willing to increase the project’s impact not only over the specific academic community and policy-making circles but also over broader general public. This will include the translation of research results into accessible deliverables such as audio-visuals, futures notes series, infographics and interactive maps, and a Massive Open Online Course.

Duration: 36 months (April 2016 – March 2019)

Partners: CIDOB (ES, coordinator), IAI (IT), DIIS (DK), IZT (DE), AUI (MA), PODEM (TR), KCL (UK), IFAT (HU), EUI (IT), AUB (LB), EGMONT (BE), OME (FR), QU (QA), LSE (UK)