Advisory Board Meeting of OME Mediterranean Energy Perspectives 2023

In light of the great success of the Mediterranean Energy Perspectives – MEP 2022 edition at COP 27 and the fast-evolving pace of energy and climate policies in Mediterranean countries, with the upcoming COP 28 to be held once again in the region, the OME will be preparing an updated Mediterranean energy and climate outlook.

As for the previous editions, the MEP Advisory Board convened to share its esteemed expertise to define the assumptions and scenarios of the upcoming MEP 2023 special COP 28 edition.

This meeting was organized on 6 March 2023 by the OME, to help define the bases of the OME energy scenarios, as well as developing a framework to tackle sensitive and technology issues such as hydrogen, electricity storage, nuclear, energy security, the food-water-energy nexus, gender equality, job creations and the circular economy amongst others.