Workshop on “Prevention and reduction of plastics in the Mediterranean Sea: role of the energy companies”

The OME, with the support of ADEME, is conducting a project for the prevention and reduction of plastics in the Mediterranean Sea. The objective is to map the actors involved in the field of circular economy, in particular in the prevention, reduction, awareness raising, collection, sorting and recycling of plastics in the marine environment, notably in the Mediterranean area, and to make an inventory of actions and initiatives already in place.

As part of this process, a workshop with OME partners and affiliates was organized on 21 October 2022 in Paris, at OME premises, in order to make a first assessment of the forces present in the field, the activities already underway and those that are being developed. This meeting was also an opportunity to present and discuss some of the solutions that have been identified by the ADEME study in 2021, as well as other initiatives on prevention, reduction, awareness, collection, sorting and recycling of plastics, proposed by the OME members who expressed their interest in participating in this project.