OMEC webinar on “Hydrogen in transport: challenges and opportunities”

On 16 October 2023, the Hydrogen Task Force of OMEC (formerly known as OME) organised a webinar on “Hydrogen in transport: challenges and opportunities”, attended by about 20 people. Three experts shared their experience and knowledge on the subject: Renato Luise, Graduate Researcher at the European Institute for Energy (EIFER), on “Techno and economical aspects of H2 transport in pipelines”; Stefano Capelli, Gas Infrastructures Development – Head of new initiatives at Edison, on “ EastMed-Poseidon project: development of a new hydrogen corridor”; and Piero Ercoli, Energy Transition Executive – H2/CCS at Snam, “Hydrogen for the energy transition: the role of a transmission system operator”.

Many countries in Europe and in the world are looking at decarbonized hydrogen as an important energy vector for the decarbonization of the energy system, in particular in those sectors where electricity solutions would be more costly or technologically difficult (hard-to-abate sectors). Several countries have therefore prepared roadmaps and strategies to increase the use of clean hydrogen and its derivates in the energy mix, some of them relying significantly on imports, possibly coming from south Mediterranean countries. Significant uncertainties persist regarding the transportation costs and how they are going to play a pivotal role in the viability of hydrogen imports to Europe, both pipeline and seaborne, in particular concerning the feasibility to repurpose existing pipelines, both from the economic and the technical standpoint.