Transitioning Energy in the Mediterranean

On 12 March 2024, in Rome, the OMEC jointly organized with WEC Italy (the Italian National Committee of the World Energy Council), and in collaboration with Edison, a conference on “Transitioning Energy in the Mediterranean”. The meeting was an important opportunity to discuss issues related to energy transition and security in the Mediterranean region together with high level institutional representatives, international organizations and energy stakeholders from the region. To support and kick off the debate, the OMEC Mediterranean Energy Perspectives 2023 was presented for the first time in Italy, as well as the results of the WEC Med cross-regional collaboration initiative, to which OMEC contributed.

As the current geopolitical crisis is affecting energy markets at the global level, the Euro-Mediterranean region finds itself once again at the centre of ongoing energy dynamics, pushing energy to the forefront of governments and industry agendas and highlighting the need for a concerted and effective response. Concurrently, as it also emerged from COP28, the global challenge of climate change remains yet unresolved.